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Also known as Below Grade Waterproofing, is the most crucial part in waterproofing any structure. Due to increase in land costs, it has become quite common to build a basement in buildings. These are used for diverse purposes. In the independent residences the basements are used for Entertainment, Sports & Health, Home Office, Storage and sometimes for living also. In Commercial, Industrial and Group Housing Buildings it could be used for Parking, Storage etc. Even a small seepage can make it unusable.
Basement waterproofing materials are subject to water conditions that are typically more severe and intensive then the rest of the structure. The structure below ground level is often exposed to high hydrostatic pressure due to higher ground water table that may rise significantly high during the period monsoons or due to proximity of drains, rivers, canals, ponds etc. The quality of ground water can also damage the structure elements of basements. Due to this, it is important to intelligently design basement structures starting with adequate control of water conditions. Both ground water and surface water should be channelized in a way it flows away from the structure.
The source of water which may damage basement structure could be ground water as well as surface water. It is important to select right product and technology to protect basements from water damage. It is equally important to design proper drainage.
Basement Waterproofing can be done from the Positive or Negative side depending upon the site condition.


Terraces or Balconies are being used for different usage. Right from being a standard terrace, people also use these for Terrace Garden, Kitchen Garden, Entertainment & Activities area etc. While the basic application stays same, it may change according to end use.


These are small but most crucial areas for waterproofing as these will always have water usage. The Wet areas in a property are Kitchen, Pantry, Washing Area and Toilets.


Swimming pools are also water storage tanks. The waterproofing application in Swimming Pools, Water Bodies and Water Storage is same. However, there could be some changes depending upon the site conditions.


External walls are among the most neglected areas for waterproofing. Most of the buildings are painted with decorative or textured paints. The walls are the outer skin of the building and due to vagaries of climate, pollution and poor quality of building material develop cracks. The dust and pollutants present in the environment enter these cracks and gets expanded when in contact with water. The cracks become wide and multiply due to this expansion. The decorative paints may not have good crack bridging capacity. The dry film thickness of most of the decorative paints is around 125microns. Anti-Carbonation coatings having a dry film thickness of 275-350 microns and elongation of 150% to 200%, are the best suited for this application. These have more bonding and tensile strength and are available in different shades. Some of the coatings available have Thermal Insulation properties also.

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